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Mega Electronics

the background

Mega Electronics are manufacturers and suppliers of production equipment for printed circuit boards, front panels, signs, labels and glassware.

Pure Energy designed and built the company website.

Mega Electronics had developed an innovative new product, the sublimation printing system. This process provides a simple, cost effective method of transferring printed designs on to a broad range of materials with no over-lamination necessary.

the brief

The marketing team at Mega Electronic sought to increase consumer awareness for its latest product. They had identified the education sector, amongst others, as a target market and required a medium to display the flexibility and simplicity of the system.

the outcome

We recognised that 3D animation and live video could be used effectively to convey the strengths and nature of the sublimation process in an interesting and engaging manner.

Initially, we created a series of animations that vividly and accurately demonstrate the sublimation process. These were integrated into a live video to show in ‘real time’ the speed, simplicity and durability of the system. Its accessibility and relevance for children are clearly evident.

At the time of production, CD-Rom, rather than DVD, was the preferred distribution format for the video, to ensure it could reach a wide target audience without excluding end-users.

The video also appears on the company website.

Web : www.megauk.com

Running Time : 4m 05s
Format : PC CD-ROM & Web Streaming

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